Justin Hudsco

August 18, 2011 was the day our son was in a devastating accident that resulted in the loss of his leg.  Justin was just four years old when his left leg was amputated and our lives were turned upside down.  Thoughts of loss and sadness surrounded our family.  We truly did not know if Justin was going to walk, run, or play as he did before his accident.

After much healing and rehab, Justin met "Mr. Ken and Mr. Steve" from Boas.  They walked into Good Shepherd Pediatric Unit like superheroes they are and the rest is history.  Ken Doe and Steve Werkheiser treated Justin and our family with such caring and kindness. Steve and Justin together customized his first prosthesis into an amazing WWE wrestler leg with light up features.  Justin was thrilled and so were we.  Ken is Justin's prosthetic orthotist but more importantly his buddy.  Ken keeps Justin up to date with all the fun filled events and activities that Boas is involved with and activities for amputees to take part in.  The best part of all, the caring and compassion of everyone at Boas Surgical has resulted in Justin's ability and confidence to take ownership of his amputation and prosthetic use and be proud of the person he is today.

Six years later, Justin is ten years old.  He runs, plays, goes to school, and lives his life to the fullest.  Justin is growing fast and is using his third prosthetic leg since his accident.  All of his prosthetics have been custom pieces of art made by Steve Werkheiser and everywhere Justin goes people love his cool leg.  It is such a personal touch to something Justin wears every day of his life.  We love it!

We feel blessed to be part of the Boas Surgical Family.  We will be forever grateful to everyone at Boas for the care and expertise they have given our son.

The Hudsco Family

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