Ken Doe 20 Years of Service

November 19th 2018

Our very own Prosthetist and Orthotist, Ken Doe, has reached 20 years of service with Boas Surgical. Ken is an exceptional provider and a fierce advocate for his patients and his company. We are honored to have Ken on our team and look forward to many more years! Thank you…

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CPO Julia Fry Joins Boas Surgical

October 17th 2018

Julia is a Board Certified Prosthetist and Orthotist. She received her Master's degree from Northwestern University and completed her residency at Independence Prosthetics and Orthotics. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Business from Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio.

Julia is an active member of the Air Force…

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Workplace Violence Prevention Program

September 8th 2018

Boas Surgical is committed to our patients, our employees, our families, and our industry. Chris Field, Boas Surgical CFO, takes this commitment seriously. He is a regular content writer for our industry magazine, The O&P Edge, and his recent article discusses the importance of a workplace violence prevention program. Chris wrote…

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Amputee Awareness Day 2018

April 7th 2018

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Boas Surgical has acquired Wyoming Valley Prosthetics and Orthotics in Swoyersville, Luzerne County

January 2nd 2018

Boas Surgical has acquired Wyoming Valley Prosthetics and Orthotics in Swoyersville, Luzerne County, effective Monday.  Boas manufactures prosthetics (replacement limbs) and orthotics such as foot inserts and knee braces.

President and CEO Jeff Fussner said in a news release that the acquisition allows Boas Surgical to enlarge its business footprint.…

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AOPA 2017

September 20th 2017

Technical Fabrication Contest Winners Articulating AFO Student/Resident: 1. Zach Golay 2. Matthew Mausner Technician: 1. Darrell Johnston, CTO 2. Steven Werkheiser Practitioner: 1. Anton Kruglov, CPO 2. Wes Golay

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6th Annual Rock ‘N Run Event

May 13th 2017

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Amputee Awareness Day

April 1st 2017

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Giving Back

August 31st 2016

At only 19, George Fussner was like a lot of other young men his age who answered their country’s call to serve in the Korean War. The son of a farmer who grew corn and soybeans, George grew up in Toulon, Illinois, a small town three hours west of Chicago.…

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Feeding the Good

January 1st 2016

There are two wolves inside us all, as the old parable attributed to a variety of sources goes – one good, one bad. The tale is typically framed by a grandfather imparting this wisdom to his grandson. The grandfather describes the dueling wolves: the bad wolf represents negative mindsets, like…

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